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Video from the Daventry SDR Party 2014

BELOW ARE VIDEO CLIPS OF MEGAN: (The ones in bold are video clips that we have done of Megan - the other clips are where she has been included by other people) - Tim Newton-Smith has put some photo's together from the SDR party in 2014.  Megan has a few photo's on there! Megan's 3 year post op video This is a video of Megan showing how to ride a bike after SDR. This is a film about SDR in St Louis.  Megan is not in this but it does show a photo of Dr Park's Canvass which was donated by Megan's Quest. This is a short documentary that a guy made at Bournemouth University and he wanted to include some before and after shots of Megan - 2 years post op - Megan running down the stairs!! - this video has been made to help promote the march in London in November.  It does feature Megan :) - 20 months post op  - A video of Dr Park being presented with 'Faces of Hope' donated from Megan's Quest. - this is a video that someone has put together of the SDR party - you can see the collage that was donated from Megan's Quest :) This is a video to celebrate 12 months post op and shows just how well Megan is doing with her new hobby!!i    -  - This video is 12 months post op and shows what Megan can do on a gymnastic beam and bench.   This video shows Megan carrying out various physical activities that she found very difficult or impossible before SDR - 9 months post op.  - Final video to say thank you to everyone who supported Megan's Quest - it includes before and after clips of Megan (6 months post op) - please see Megan's blog dated Tuesday 7 June for the comments we have received regarding the video.   - this is a video showing Megan's new shoe inserts from the LOC - I hope it will help many families who are unable to get suitable shoe inserts from the NHS.  - This is Megan walking in barefeet - four and a half months post op  - This is Megan's post op video showing progress four months after SDR  - This video was taken just under 4 months post op  - This is Megan's post op video - 7 weeks post op

Megan's video from Lupas which raised £7500

Megan's SDR Evaluation Video  - This was the evaluation video sent to St Loius to see if Megan was a suitable candidate for SDR    Megan aged from 18 months - 6 years (I wasn't aware of SDR during this time - regrettably I found out about SDR when Megan was 9!)


BELOW ARE ARTICLES FROM THE SOUTHERN EVENING ECHO & OTHER NEWSPAPERS: - Although Megan's name is not mentioned in this article the girl they talk about in this excellent article is actually Megan! - article regarding the SDR march in Wales - there is a photo of Megan holding her banner! - Megan has another small mention in this article :) - Megan is mentioned in this article - This is an article about Megan helping fund raise for a beautiful local girl called Lexie - interview with Daily Echo

Daily Echo Coverage


BELOW ARE OTHER LINKS WITH INFORMATION ABOUT SELECTIVE DORSAL RHIZOTOMY: BBC Parliament discussing SDR in the UK - another step closer to making this available to more families in the UK

(part 1) -  - (part 2) - This is a BBC West documentary regarding the first SDR (Dr Park's procedure) to be performed in the UK. There is a VERY brief clip of Megan in it - don't blink otherwise you will miss it!!

ttth lll  ttttt  - This is an article to say that Dr Park's procedure has finally been carried out in the UK.

     TddddsssThis bbc clip below is an article to say that Dr Park's procedure has finally been carried out in the UK:        T T     - - St Louis Children's Hospital - this is a website set up by UK families who have had SDR in St Louis - it is to help families in the UK who may be considering SDR.Th   - -!/home.php?sk=group_161839724125 - This is a group where families can get first hand advice on Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy and there are many clips of children who have had SDR - anyone can join and contribute to this group